Native Navigation provides the cutting edge of mud motor technology, with TomaHawk's new SuperHawk series motors. Giving you the strength and performance you demand. Increase quality control. We put you in control, with our dedicated and thorough service department we provide incident and investigation reports giving you the knowledge of exactly what parts have been serviced thereby almost eliminating MTBF.



  • Redesigned and enlarged torque carrying components, enabling you to handle the increased torque of "Even-Walled” and "Hard Rubber” power sections. 
  • Increased thrust and radial bearing capacity
  • New & improved carbide coating to equip radial bearings with extended wear life
  • Unique design to reduce stress concentration for madrel catch & bending stress on the mandrel shaft
  •  Plus a redesigned stator connection that increases corrosion protection & reduces cracked threads

Native Navigation supplies motors that allow you to handle the most extreme drilling conditions easily, with the maximum rate of penetration. 

Standard features:

  • Mud Lubricated Bearing Pack
  • High Strength Forged Alloy Steel Output Shaft
  • Bearing Housing with screw-on stabilizer
  • Through hardened thrust bearing races
  • BlackTip premium upper and lower radial bearings
  • Super strong jaw clutch drive couplings
  • Straight, fixed bend, or adjustable bent housing
  • Customer selected power section from any manufacturer
  • Crossover sub (top sub)

Optional Features:

  • Float Bored top subs
  • Slick, integral blade, or welded blade stabilizers
  • Flex shaft drive coupling for straight or bent motor applications
  • Rotor catch
  • Flow bypass rotor nozzle

Warrior 500 – 7:8 Lobe 2.6 Stage HR – 5” OD

Warrior 675 – 7:8 Lobe 5.0 Stage HR – 6.75” OD

Warrior 675 – 7:8 Lobe 5.7 Stage HR – 6.75” OD

Warrior 700 – 6:7 Lobe 6.5 Stage HR – 7.00” OD


For a quote on our systems please give us a call at (970) 424-5226 or click here to reach out to us online.