Harmony Parallel Telemetry MWD

Native Navigation’s Harmony™ MWD is "making waves" throughout the industry!

At Native Navigation we strive to make the best better, that’s why we have combined our dominating EM MWD with the best pulser on the market to create our parallel transmission system “the perfect Harmony”! 

Two products together in Harmony, a tool with a back-up in place that continues working if the other fails. One that has been proven in the field to reduce production time by up to 4 days! How much manpower & resources would you save?

Drive drilling performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. With our product and service, you can almost eliminate NPT!​

Competing systems pale in comparison.

Native Navigation knows you need reliable real-time data and we provide with the best in class. High-density transmission rates of up to 16 bit/s and offline surveying with EM telemetry of a mud pulse with up to 4 bit/s telemetry. Plus real-time LWD communication and reliability you can count on even while pumping LCM. Our high-resolution display provides multiple real-time measurements including azimuthal image gamma-ray, shock, and vibration, stick/slip-on.  


  • Performance Drilling
  • Pad & Batch Drilling Operations
  • Horizontal Wells
  • Long Lateral Sections

For a quote on our systems please give us a call at (970) 424-5226 or click here to reach out to us online.