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Our future depends on the satisfaction of our customers and the morale, health and well-being of employees and contractors. We strive to provide value for clientele and a safe invigorating work environment for our employees and contractors. That coupled with strong business practices and dependable, state of the art equipment makes us a company to be benchmarked by all others and sought after by customers and employees alike.

Our Services




We utilize the best EM MWD platform in the industry with a significant number of our own in house enhancements. No one takes EM to deeper, more challenging environments as successfully or consistently, no one!


Harmony™ MWD

Native Navigation’s Harmony™ MWD is "making waves" throughout the industry! Competing systems pale in comparison. By combining our dominating EM MWD with the best pulser on the market our parallel transmission system creates “perfect Harmony”!


Top Mount Mud Pulse

Our top mount systems have self-optimizing pulse strength to enable faster data rates and more consistent signal detection throughout long runs. The system is also high temperature and ruggedized for harsh environments.


Retrievable Mud Pulse

We offer high temp, industry-standard retrievable mud pulse systems. Each string is upgraded with ruggedized fail safe connectors and couplers. The system can be retrievable or locked down for harsher drilling conditions.

Directional Drilling



We call it bleeding black! Native Navigation does not suffer attrition or turn over. Our people have great pride in their work and reputation. We are a family and a team and we believe that bringing that mentality to our clients locations is contagious. Safety culture and breaking drilling records is a direct function of a team concept!


Mud Motors

Our line of Warrior Mud Motors™ are meticulously maintained. We understand that each field and project is unique. So, we work closely with our clients to choose the right motors and strive to continue optimization for an ever improving drilling program.


Well Planning

We do all of our planning in house and all plans are cross checked by directional drilling experts. If you are unsettled on a directional provider but need permitting plans, please contact us. We can help!

Other Services


Gyro Surveying

We provide wireline gyro service and can survey your cased well bores. We also provide gyro support for close proximity and/or tight well spacing kickoffs. In addition, we are experienced in setting whip stocks and steering out of casing windows. Re-entries? We can handle the entire project!


Technology and Research

Native Navigation has in house development for the purpose of always improving our services. From improved down hole mechanical design to electronics, software and enhanced signal detection equipment, we are a boutique directional company with surprising capabilities!