Digital Single Shot Kits

  • Digital Readout
  • Magnetic Qualifiers
  • Gravity Qualifiers
  • More Economical than MWD or Gyro

Electronic Multi-Shot Service

  • Magnetic Qualifiers
  • Gravity Qualifiers
  • Drill a hole section and survey during your trip
  • More Economical than MWD or Gyro

Gyro Surveying

  • North Seeking
  • No Drift calculations
  • E-line capable (Real time)
  • Slick line capable (Memory)
  • Drop capable (Memory)
  • Close proximity kick offs associated with pad drilling (Surveys and Tool Face orientations)
  • Cased Wellbore Surveys (E-line or Slickline)
  • Whip stock Orientation

Cased Hole Surveying Rig

By coupling our wireline unit with our custom mast trailer, we can survey without the need of rig on location. This rig is ideal for surveying large fields of cased wells in a short time period more economically than having to use a crane service in addition to a wireline service.