We have a full range of directional drilling services to meet your needs.

EM (Electromagnetic)

We are not easily satisfied with MWD systems and average performance is not acceptable. We spare no expense at putting together top notch MWD kits. That is why you will find the best performing MWD tools in the entire industry in our fleet. Our EM tools consistently tested to 14,500 feet with signal headroom to spare. Our tools offer unmatched speed, reliability and operational depth. By down linking we can adjust virtually any parameter on the fly to adjust to conditions.
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MP (Mud Pulse)

Our mud pulse system is a full featured MWD system with the ability to log inclination, azimuth, gamma, directional gamma and resistivity. All of this data is gathered during the drilling operation and transmitted to the surface via pulsations through the drilling fluid. Our wireless surface computers collect and decode the pressure pulses and interpret the data for the client and directional drilling engineers. All of the data can be logged and/or streamed to the client’s data management system.
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Focused Gamma

Our Focused Natural Gamma Sensor is designed to measure well bore gamma radiation and detects the presence of porous petroleum reservoirs. By utilizing advanced shielding, this gamma sensor allows us to provide the client with a specific direction toward the preferred production zone, allowing more accurate steering and increasing production potential.
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Near Bit Gamma & Inclination

This sub is designed to be used with our EM MWD tool. This near bit sub enables measurement of inclination and gamma data approximately two feet behind the bit. Data is wirelessly transmitted around the downhole motor to our EM dipole. Received data is decoded by our electronics where it is logged and transmitted to the surface.
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