Like a forest of steel, lines of derricks and pump jacks – that was how oilfields looked years ago and there was a simple reason. Traditional techniques were only able to achieve drilling in one direction, straight down, and all wells were vertical. If oil or gas was struck, maximizing production meant drilling hundreds of more wells in the immediate area. So, rows of derricks were the result. There is a better way, a more efficient way, a more environmentally friendly way. Native Navigation is on the cutting edge of drilling technology and we provide modern solutions to these old problems.

Today, with "directional drilling" technology, navigating controlled curved routes through underground rock formations and tapping specific production zones with finite precision is possible. From a single drilling "pad", we can now drill a great number of boreholes in a variety of directions, both minimizing the energy footprint and maximizing production.

Who would have predicted that technologies exist that could allow the energy industry to tap more natural resources, while simultaneously decreasing the impact on the environment. We are taking the future of oil and gas in new directions.

Native Navigation, this is what we do and we do it well.