Our Focused Natural Gamma Sensor is designed to measure gamma radiation occurring in well bores in order to detect the presence of porous petroleum reservoirs. The sensor utilizes a scintillation crystal and tungsten shield, which allows operators to determine if the bed boundary is nearby and to know the direction of the boundary. This allows for directional action to be taken and steer back towards the target reservoir.

In order to operate the sensor, rotation in the drill string is stopped and the sensor is oriented in a specific direction (usually up or 0°, and then down or 180°) and readings are taken to determine if any corrective steering action is necessary to stay within the target zone.

The sensor can be used as either a standalone system or in conjunction with our directional sensors. To achieve high gamma sensitivity, a one-inch diameter by six-inch long scintillation crystal is used to detect gamma rays. The sensor also has two 50 G vibration sensors which can be used to monitor drilling induced vibration and shock. The vibration sensors are oriented to measure axial and lateral shock and vibration.