Our directional sensors have always been the best in the industry. The newest module is even better. Among the new functions added are accurate inclination while drilling (rotating) and real-time rotation detection with accurate RPM reporting up to 200 RPM. The new design also utilizes a stronger chassis and a more durable accelerometer package. Other features also included are a real time clock which enables vibration, shock and rotation data to be reported and/or logged in real time and a set of absolute and resettable counters to monitor and record operating hours and maintenance intervals.

The sensors also contain 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer and 3-axis accelerometer packages, both calibrated to operate up to 150C. The combination of these two sensor systems enables the toolface, inclination and azimuth angles of the sensor frame of reference to be determined with an accuracy of +/- 0.1° for toolface and inclination and +/- 0.4° for azimuth through the entire operating temperature range of the system. The system can be used with a wireline, and has an internal modem to enable communication of the data output over a single conductor (plus ground) wireline.

Our sensors are capable of transmitting instrument temperature and either the magnetometer and accelerometer outputs or the system orientation angles. The maximum transmission rate is 3 times per second for the magnetometer and the accelerometer outputs and 2 times per second for the orientation angles. We also take full advantage of the absolute counter and a resettable counter that, like an automobile trip odometer, can be used to track operational hours or the time until the next servicing of the unit. This way the tool is always in top running condition.


  • Rugged chassis with Max Temperature Indicator
  • Accurate inclication and azimuth while rotating
  • Accurate RPM detection from static - 200 RPM
  • Real-time clock, vibration, and rotation detection
  • Device history and log program with variables for max. temperature, vibration, and shock vs. time
  • Absolute and resettable counters


  • EM and Pulse-based MWD systems
  • Directional Drilling
  • Borehole Logging