Our full suite of directional software integrates sophisticated anti-collision and projection algorithms, traveling cylinders, charting features, well planning tools, and a full array of reports in a user friendly and universal format. It has an office / field integration that is unique to the entire industry. Your Company representatives and Engineers will be supplied with all the information they need to make their decisions. They will also receive an electronically updated version of the complete “wall chart” from the field with each daily report.


Total 2D/3D Planning Toolkit

We offer a complete arsenal of powerful well planning worktools, including one-click 2D/3D S/Slant Wells, and all the one-click build-to operations you'll need to generate any designer well, including 3D entry vector S-Wells.

Accurate 3D Interpolations and Projections

Because our survey software uses the most modern survey algorithms in the industry, all our 3D projections, interpolations, and proximity calculations are as mathematically accurate as any program on the market.

Populated Field Work

Easily import and export wells as .xls, .txt, tab, and comma-delimited files. Save entire populated field files for quick recall. Import files of any column & row format.

Interactive Wall Plotting

Draw up, format, and print wall plots of any dimension, without exporting to a second program (such as a CAD software).


  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Comprehensive Tools for Directional Drillers
  • Advanced charting (field or office)
  • Accurate Proximity
  • Least Distance and Normal Calculations
  • Traveling cylinders
  • Ellipsoid of uncertainty
  • Separation Factors
  • Accurate 3-D Algorithms
  • Torque & Drag
  • Well Performance Tracking